A Letter from Paul Graham – CEO & Co-Founder

Headshot of Paul Graham, Genrus CEO

We started Genrus United because every Canadian should have access to affordable medicines.

If you can’t access pharmacare, or don’t have insurance, you know that even the most basic medications can cause financial stress. Many people are struggling just to stay healthy. The current inflationary period has forced people to choose between food or medications. No Canadian should suffer because they can’t afford basic prescription medications. Genrus United is in the business of helping others.

Harrisville Pharmacy introduces a community-based low-cost prescription drug plan

Today, Harrisville Pharmacy and Genrus United announced the launch of a partnership to bring an innovative approach to affordable healthcare to Greater Moncton. This new offering is sweeping across Atlantic Canada and Southeastern New Brunswick residents now have access thanks to the team at Harrisville Pharmacy on Shediac Road.

Harrisville Pharmacist Owner, Andrew Drover, says Genrus United really helps patients who don’t have health coverage. “We see better health outcomes when clients take their medication regularly. Genrus United membership helps remove a financial barrier resulting in improved use of medications”

Hearing Healthcare: Seven Things You Should Know About Mental Health and Hearing Loss

Mental health affects us all. The Canadian Mental Health Association reported in 2021 that every year, 20% of Canadians experience a mental health problem or illness. They note that mental illness affects all Canadians, either directly or indirectly via a family member, friend, or colleague. In this article, I will review seven things you should know about mental health and hearing loss.

Genrus United on CBC Morning Newfoundland

“A prescription drug program for people without coverage, to make buying prescription medication more affordable. You’ll hear a bit about a new partnership to benefit members and volunteers with co-operatives and credit unions in NL”

Visit CBC Newfoundland to learn more about our partnership with Newfoundland-Labrador Federation of Co-operatives!

Don’t Ignore your Hearing Loss: The Importance of Hearing Healthcare

All of us would like to be healthy. We may not always like exercising and eating veggies, but it’s something that we know is good for us. Maybe we’re hoping for a long healthy life to see our family expand, maybe we dream of traveling, or maybe we just want to enjoy the domestic pleasures of life for as long as we possibly can. However, an often overlooked condition may be causing more harm than one might expect when left untreated: hearing loss.

It’s colloquially said that, on average, it takes someone seven years after they’ve started noticing their hearing loss before they seek help for it. In those seven years, they may stop enjoying group conversation, restaurants, music, TV, and movies. Their quality of life decreases since they are unable to partake in things that once brought them joy.

Paying the Price

Woman with glasses reading the instructions on her pill bottle Prescription drug affordability is a pervasive problem, especially for those who live with multiple chronic conditions and who do not have access to prescription coverage. Complex and confusing pricing underpins our prescription system, placing significant burdens on these consumers, and on retailers. Consumers take a prescription to their pharmacy and pay the full cost of the prescription. There is no supplemental support and no insurance co-pay as a reduction in the cost. They pay full price.  The market calls it a cash sale from a cash-payor.

‘More people need to know’ Mental health advocate Todd Leader spreading the word about Genrus United

When Todd Leader first heard about Genrus United, it was nothing more than an idea.

Jack Davies was talking about a new venture he was working on — a project that would improve access to the everyday medications people needed — and Todd remembers thinking ‘Wow, that sounds like a program that will really help people.’

“It’s a truly client-centered service. When you build a service around what people need, that’s very different than building something and then trying to convince people it’s what they need,” says Todd, a Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker. “I knew Jack well enough to know he’s a very principled, ethical person, so I knew I wanted to know more.”

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Generic vs. Brand Name Medications: What’s the Difference?

 You’ve seen Advil and ibuprofen in your pharmacy, but is one better than the other? Most people assume Advil is the superior option. However, generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as their brand-name counterparts and work the same way. The only major difference between the two is the cost.


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GENRUS UNITED Partners with Digital Nova Scotia (DNS) to provide access to a Prescription Drug Assistance Program.

Genrus United is providing members of DNS with free access to the prescription savings program to give back to the community and assist in the fight against COVID-19.

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Nova Scotians looking to pay less for prescriptions turning to Genrus United

Families across Nova Scotia without drug plans are saving hundreds of dollars a year on prescription medications — all thanks to a membership-based savings assistance program called Genrus United.

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The Prescription Shoppe is the first pharmacy in Newfoundland and Labrador to partner with Genrus United


Genrus United Pharmacy Partner Prescription Shoppe in St. John's, NewfoundlandPaying for groceries or paying for prescription medications? It’s a heartbreaking choice many Newfoundland and Labrador residents face every month

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Giving 500 Memberships to N.B. Residents


Genrus United will donate 500 year-long memberships for New Brunswickers who live in the areas of Saint John, Fredericton, Grand Bay, and Rothesay to help ease the financial strain of prescription medications.

The announcement of the 500-free-memberships campaign came amid the Covid-19 pandemic when many are facing greater financial uncertainty due to job losses or budget cuts.

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Pharmacists seek to expand drug plan - CBC Radio's Maritime Noon with Bob Murphy

Pharmacists seek to expand drug plan – CBC Radio’s Maritime Noon with Bob Murphy

Aired: Jan. 28, 2020.
Listen to the first 10 minutes as Maritime Noon Host Bob Murphy interviews Jack Davies, owner of Poulain’s PharmaChoice in Stellarton, Nova Scotia to learn more about how Genrus United is helping consumers maintain their health through frequently taken prescription drugs that cost less due to the buying power of thousands of members.

Genrus United spearheads Canada’s first-ever private pharmacare system

Bible Hill company spearheads Canada’s first-ever private pharmacare system.

Pharmacist reaching for a prescription
Deborah Ellis can now offer her patients affordable medications, if they are signed up under the Genrus coverage plan. – Fram Dinshaw

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N.S. affordable prescription drug program expanding

Program covers 150 medications, mostly for chronic illnesses

Pharmacist Jody Pilling says a few dozen of his patients are Genrus United members. (Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith/CBC)

A Nova Scotia prescription drug program for people without health plans is expanding.

Genrus United is a membership-based buying group headquartered in Bible Hill, N.S. CEO Paul Graham said the program makes prescription drugs more affordable for people who have to pay out of pocket.

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Truro-based Genrus United teaming up with local pharmacies to solve national pharmacare challenge one community at a time

Truro-based Genrus United teaming up with local pharmacies to solve national pharmacare challenge one community at a time

DEC 9, 2019. TRURO NS – Genrus United, a pioneer in working with communities to make prescription drugs more affordable, launched Canada’s first ever private sector approach to pharmacare today, teaming up with local Nova Scotia pharmacies to dramatically reduce the amount patients pay for hundreds of popular prescriptions, often reducing their out of pocket cost by as much as 80%.

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