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Enjoy 25% savings on up to six treatments from several multidisciplinary health services such as massage, physio, chiropractic, and acupuncture that can help you to avoid pain, improve mobility, and live a less restrictive lifestyle.

Tranquility Online is a virtual mental health platform for anxiety and stress management. Tranquility’s program uses the gold standard approach to helping people with their mental health. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). With Tranquility, you also have the option of being matched with a coach, available over video, phone or in-app messaging.

Tranquility makes getting help: Affordable, Timely, Stigma-Free, Personal and Accessible when and where it is convenient for you!

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A new way to save on prescriptions.

Genrus United is a simple, convenient, and trusted way to get the prescriptions you need—for less. As a member, you gain exclusive access to member-only pricing made possible because of group buying power. Most of our prescriptions have a member cost of just $10 or less. Monthly memberships are just $7.95/month—and your first month is FREE!

Real People. Real Savings

Here's what Canadian families are saying about their Genrus United Savings.




It’s a wonderful thing to be able to wake up in the morning feeling happy and stress-free.



Tony Handspiker

"Genrus United is much more cost-effective than the private plan my wife used to have. The savings are amazing."

Sharon Brown

"The savings are unbelievable. With Genrus United I can fill my prescriptions without worrying about how to pay for them."

Barb Halliday

"Thank you, Genrus United, for this wonderful program! It’s made a big difference to families like mine."

Barb McLellan

"Genrus United has taken a great stress off of us. We can now maintain our health without going into debt."

George Kirk

"Since joining Genrus United, we’ve never been happier. It makes our limited monthly budget stretch further."

Michelle Tibbetts Wood

"My mom's costs went from $57 a month to $19...Thanks Genrus United."

Dr. Stephen D Ellis BSc MD CCFP

"I have personally experienced patients who previously, could not afford their medication; with the Genrus program this has changed. Patients are now getting to target and they are pleased with their results and the program cost. I will happily continue to refer patients to this excellent program."

Raj Makkar - Healthcare Service Manager, Ambulatory Care/Cardio-Respiratory Services

"It is imperative that individuals and communities that do not have the resources such as a drug plan or health insurance have an avenue to access medications when they need them. Genrus United is an option for these individuals. The Team at Genrus United are dedicated to putting your health needs and requirements at the fore front of your health."


"I’m now able to take my daily prescriptions without worrying about which bill might not get paid. Thanks, Genrus United!"

We have pharmacies across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta, and Newfoundland

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