Working Together

A prescription savings program, Genrus United helps anyone paying out of pocket to obtain essential medications regardless of their age, employment status or medical conditions.

Genrus United is committed to assisting health practitioners, physicians and social groups who can directly assist people to reduce their cost of medications. Removing the barrier of affordability, patients will no longer need to split pills, skip doses or not take their medications. We can quickly organize a presentation and provide a number of tools to educate staff, patients and healthcare teams about the Genrus United program.



Dr. Stephen D. Ellis BSc MD CCFP

"I have personally experienced patients who previously, could not afford their medication; with the Genrus program this has changed. Patients are now getting to target and they are pleased with their results and the program cost. I will happily continue to refer patients to this excellent program."

Raj Makkar - Healthcare Service Manager, Ambulatory Care/Cardio-Respiratory Services

"It is imperative that individuals and communities that do not have the resources such as a drug plan or health insurance have an avenue to access medications when they need them. Genrus United is an option for these individuals. The Team at Genrus United are dedicated to putting your health needs and requirements at the fore front of your health."