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If you’ve already signed up for Genrus United and received your membership card, you’re ready to start experiencing the benefits of our program. Follow these simple steps to activate your membership:

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Visit Your Pharmacy

If you don’t see a convenient location in our list, use the map tool to look up other Genrus United partner pharmacies.

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Transfer Your Prescription

Tell the pharmacist that you would like to transfer your prescription – they will handle the rest!

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The pharmacist will be able to look up your membership. That’s it! You’ll be receiving your Genrus United benefits.

Before You Go - Make Sure Your Medication is Covered

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Here's what Canadian families are saying about their Genrus United Savings.


Tony Handspiker

"Genrus United is much more cost-effective than the private plan my wife used to have. The savings are amazing."

Sharon Brown

"The savings are unbelievable. With Genrus United I can fill my prescriptions without worrying about how to pay for them."

Barb Halliday

"Thank you, Genrus United, for this wonderful program! It’s made a big difference to families like mine."

Barb McLellan

"Genrus United has taken a great stress off of us. We can now maintain our health without going into debt."

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