A Private Approach to Pharmacare Patients now paying up to 80% less for prescriptions

Truro-based Genrus United teaming up with local pharmacies to solve national pharmacare challenge one community at a time

DEC 9, 2019. TRURO NS – Genrus United, a pioneer in working with communities to make prescription drugs more affordable, launched Canada’s first ever private sector approach to pharmacare today, teaming up with local Nova Scotia pharmacies to dramatically reduce the amount patients pay for hundreds of popular prescriptions, often reducing their out of pocket cost by as much as 80%. The program is open to any Nova Scotian, regardless of their medical history, and costs just $7.95 a month to join.

“The federal government has been trying to create a system like this for years to help fight rising drug costs, but they’ve gotten nowhere. So, rather than wait, we teamed up with local pharmacies to increase our buying power and pass those savings onto Nova Scotians,” said Paul Graham, CEO, Genrus United. “It’s an incredibly simple but effective solution, and we already have Nova Scotians out there saving more than $500 a month.”

The program is available at select pharmacies throughout Nova Scotia, from Yarmouth to Sydney and points in between. A full list can be found at http://genrusunited.ca/service-areas/.

“What most people don’t realize is that we see patients every day who have to choose between food and electricity and prescriptions they need to get healthy,” said Deborah Ellis, Pharmacist / Manager and Co-Owner of West End Family PharmaChoice. “We see this as an extremely practical way for people who may not be insured to get the treatment they need to be healthy for their families. And do it in a way that eases the financial burden. We’re thrilled to be pioneering this service here in Canada.”

Currently available in Nova Scotia and select markets in New Brunswick, Genrus United sees tremendous demand for such a service, and has plans to grow coverage from coast-to-coast.

“This is a national problem that we’re essentially solving at the local community level,” adds Graham. “It’s amazing to see what Canadians can do when they work together. And we’re proud to play a part in making this country an innovator in healthcare.”

About Genrus United

Over 8.5 million Canadians are without private health insurance and pay the highest possible price for their prescriptions. Based in Truro, Nova Scotia, Genrus United is solving Canada’s pharmacare challenge with a private sector approach, bringing local pharmacies together to create a “buying club” that offers consumers up to 80% off the cost of their prescriptions. Unlike private insurance, Genrus United is available to anyone, regardless of their pre-existing conditions, and costs just $7.95 a month to join.