People are looking for solutions and Genrus United faces this problem head on!

Members of Genrus United have access to free, fast, and convenient province wide prescription delivery across Newfoundland.

Once a member of Genrus United, you have just 3 short steps to start saving money on medications!

  1. Create your pharmacy profile by contacting our delivery partners.

Call Conception Bay Pharmacy: (709) 229-4141

  1. Order Your Prescriptions.

Provide the pharmacy with your prescription details or send a picture of your prescription.

Once your prescriptions are received, you will be contacted to complete the transaction.

We take care of everything! Our team they will help you to manage your medications.

  1. Your medication is delivered directly to your door in just a few days, at no extra cost**.

FREE** delivery of all prescriptions anywhere in Newfoundland.

No more waiting or lineups at a pharmacy.

It’s like having a pharmacy next door – We bring prescriptions to you.

**Delivery to your door is free for your first order and every time afterwards when you order 3 or more prescriptions at one time. After your first free delivery order, a $6 delivery fee will be applied on each prescription when you order less than 3 prescriptions at one time.