You may have questions. Here are answers to the most common ones asked.

To ease the financial burden of COVID-19, we’re funding 5,000 FREE one-year memberships to the residents of Edmonton and the surrounding areas (valued at up to $95 each).

Through our network of local pharmacy partners, Genrus United provides up to 80% savings on 131 of the most commonly prescribed generic medications (most for under $10 each) that treat mental health, chronic illness and birth control.

Claim Your Free one-year Membership
Everyone is pre-approved regardless of age, health history, or employment status. No background, health, or financial information is required and you will be able to access these savings once you receive your membership number by email (within 72 hours).


This sounds too good to be true, so what’s the catch?
If you don’t have access to health benefits, nobody is negotiating the cost of your prescriptions. Genrus United does this and thousands of people are taking advantage of significant savings on the most prescribed generic medications for chronic conditions, mental health and birth control. The best part? You’re already approved. No health, employment or background information is required to join the program. Nearly all listed medications cost less than $10 for a 30-day supply. No hidden fees, no surprises – just a low cost for the same trusted generic medications prescribed every day.

How is this possible?
Genrus United leverages multiple resources to fund the program, which negotiates lower prescription medication costs for Canadians who don’t have access to health benefits. Genrus United is not health insurance – it’s a program meant to help you maintain your health by providing affordable access to commonly-prescribed medications.

Transferring your prescriptions to a Genrus United pharmacy partner is easy!
Simply contact the Genrus United pharmacy nearest you and they will assist and transfer your prescription files. You do not have to inform your existing pharmacy – the Genrus United pharmacy will look after everything for you. So simple and easy!