How to become a pharmacy partner

Genrus United pharmacy partners make a difference in their community while attracting dedicated new clients. If you believe in our mission to make critical drugs more accessible to Canadians, then please get in touch—we’d love to have you and your pharmacy on-board.

We are also uniting dental clinics, therapeutic clinicians, and other health practitioners who share our vision to reduce the cost for those without or lacking insurance coverage.

As the program grows, we will be adding more locations, more health services and more great discounts for Genrus United members. In return, you receive their loyalty and an awareness that you are helping people in your community gain access to more affordable healthcare.

Become a pharmacy partner and make a difference in your community. Contact us to learn more.

Partner Tools

If you are already a Genrus United partner looking to gain access to partner tools.

Bring Genrus United to my community

As we grow across Canada, more locations and health services will be added, offering members more great discounts.

Let us know which local pharmacy or healthcare service provider we should invite to join our network.

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