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In collaboration with Genrus United, your friends from the Co-operative Council of Nova Scotia created Co-Pharm to assist people in your community by lowering your cost of prescription medications. Once activated, your Genrus United membership unlocks exclusive prescription drug savings from any Genrus United pharmacy partner.
Genrus United negotiates for Canadians without health insurance and provides significant savings on the most prescribed generic medications for chronic conditions, mental health and birth control. There are no health questions, blood tests or background information required. You are already approved.
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Do you take daily medication for any of the following? Anxiety or Depression; Blood Pressure or Hypertension; Cholesterol; Inflammation and Pain or Neuralgia; a Heart Condition; Ulcers; GERD or Acid Reflux; BPH or Prostate, Glucose and Diabetes; Asthma; Erectile Dysfunction; or Birth Control? *
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